About Us


Our team members have enjoyed many years in senior management positions with some of the country’s leading construction companies. We’ve also headed project management teams on many major construction projects.


We love our work and take pride in quality;
We take the time to really understand a client’s aspirations;
We are up-front about issues and constraints;
We run our projects with total transparency;

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Our Service

Baja & New Project Lifecycle

Listen to Client Brief , choose the designing Architect , prepare DA , prepare CC , call Builder Quotes , assess quotes , choose builder , manage the building project to Occupation

How we Manage your Building Project

Rigorous assessment of variations , explore cost effective solutions to site issues that arise , manage the building programme to complete on time

What do you get out of the Baja Project Management experience

Stress free building process , you get to enjoy the journey, you have experience on your side , good communication

Coming Soon

Ballina Rural Project underway

New farm home

Barn corporate retreat


What do you do if your builder goes bust?

No-one will want to talk to you about this but the stark reality is the construction game is risky. From ...
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So you think your project is ready to start – the harsh realities of owner-builders

Good tradespeople are busy so arranging a time for them to quote will be challenging. Many will have so many ...
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Managing stress and your finances

Being an owner-builder is not a short-term gig. The lead-up prior to construction could be 12-18 months or more, for ...
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As an owner-builder, there are 2 aspects to time: Construction timeProject management time Construction timeIf you are building a new ...
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Which tradesperson &/or quote do you trust?

Have you ever obtained multiple quotes for the same job? If you have you may have noticed huge disparity in ...
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Managing unexpected costs

You’ll often hear people say you need to put aside additional funds for unexpected costs during the build. This is ...
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